The voice beyond chaos

By The Passer. (Le Passeur).

Many among you will have noticed that for some time now the mind has been losing ground. Memory loss, blanks in our thought process, words that don’t come naturally anymore, momentary confusion, the sensation to be out of sync… all are symptoms of a de-structuring of the mind. Not a cause for worry though and no need to rush to the doctor’s, for all this is quite normal in this highly peculiar period of our history. And it is not going to get any easier.

We live in accelerated times, we perceive time as always slipping through our fingers, not because watches have sped up their movements, but the sum of all the perceptions we register in the same lapse of time has considerably increased. We find ourselves in the same situation as a multidimensional receiver having to process an ever growing volume of information in an equivalent amount of time. Hence this sensation of time contraction that is often quite baffling. On the one hand it is extremely stimulating, for progress is ongoing and breakthroughs spectacular, but on the other hand it might have the effect of making many of us fly violently off the edge.

The small problems we currently encounter around timetables and schedules will escalate to such an extent that we will feel completely overwhelmed and won’t know what individual priority of the moment to attend to first. Not only will we go through an internal mutation which will be physically and energetically exacting and mobilize all our awareness, but at the same time we’ll have to deal with exterior information totally outside our usual norms. This is a lot to contend with, but it shouldn’t last long.

A good way to fully understand what is happening is to use the computer analogy. If you enter in a computer the type and volume of data it was designed to deal with, unless an accidental hiccup, all goes well. But if on the other hand, the flow of data gigabytes is progressively increased, there will come a time when the machine’s capacities will be exhausted.

Let’s imagine we are working with a sophisticated computer; it will concentrate its capacities and energy around the data considered a priority according to its original setup. It’s going to process what is essential and leave out the rest, and then if the flow of data continues to increase it will try and protect its vital functions. At that point the computer could be reprogrammed to boost its processing capacity until all other avenues are exhausted and the machine eventually crashes.

However, if we are using a more basic computer, the sort we use at home, it will start by getting all sorts of bugs: functions become impaired (behaviour on a human level starts to change.) The application concerned will then fail (the brain has more and more difficulties managing the situation.) The cooling fans will work on full speed (overconsumption of energy and fatigue.) Finally the operative system of the machine will crash (nervous breakdown, excessive and unusual behaviour, cardiac arrests, strokes…) or the hard disk gets irremediably damaged. On a human level this translates to memory loss, complete apathy, in other words… total denial.

For humans, denial kicks in once the perceived limits of what is bearable have been reached and the situation is deemed life threatening to the psyche. The person is left utterly powerless and unable to cope with the feeling of impending annihilation. In this case a temporary or definitive disconnection of the mind and/or memory is one of two ways to avoid what is perceived as the ultimate danger. Humans though are left with one more option not available to a computer: suicide.

Well, viewed from that angle the picture is not too bright. But the good news is that it is not the right picture! Nevertheless it will be for those who persist in approaching the mutation through the mind. Clinging to what is known and familiar is not the right way to go about keeping safe but will lead to an overheating of the mind and give rise to the scenario mentioned above. Fortunately there is another way that is already becoming naturally manifest if we learn to listen: our INTUITION. It is THE answer to the inflow of perceptions that could overwhelm us.

Let’s try and fully take in the scale of this gigantic wave. We, as humans, aren’t only limited to our physical experience here on Earth, we are multidimensional beings. True, the notion is difficult to grasp. But it is part of the new paradigm we should now consider. The entity made of carbon that we are on Earth is only one of the ramifications of our being, and a ramification whose memory of who we really are and what we are capable of has been totally veiled.

We are entering new times where the boundaries that have until now kept us from perceiving the other dimensions are dissolving together with the energy grid holding the matrix of our life experience. In short, the ceiling, the walls and the floor of the laboratory are disappearing. As a consequence that will become more and more apparent, the dimensions are going to collide and merge with each other.

This phenomenon will among other things lead to unusual perceptions. First they will be quite fleeting (this has already started), and then more and more recurring and pertaining to our five senses plus those that are developing, like telepathy. Or still, this phenomenon could see us having the impression that we are living one or several other stories parallel to ours, sometimes very strange and… exotic ones. At last we could see ourselves being confronted with past life memories, which could be quite uncomfortable (see Awakening to the Self (2) Healing.) For those who are not in the least prepared, things might indeed feel very unsettling. ‘Computers’ will start jamming with all this new data coming in from everywhere. Reactions will be at the level of the disruptions engendered, depending on the individual.

Personally I notice that most people I talk to have had a taste of these new perceptions. We are going through the phase where incursions into surrounding dimensions – up to now invisible in a natural state – are beginning to happen. The worlds described in psychic or shamanic experiences will become – for a while at least – a naturally occurring aspect of reality. For a time at least, because it is possible that a stasis phenomenon may intervene to shield us from staying conscious while the whole system is being reset –  this in our computer analogy would translate by the reboot of the machine once the updates have been installed.

In addition to this expansion of perceptions we may also expect all sorts of diverse exterior stimuli.

In spite of what those who do not get informed believe, the economic and political systems of the planet are going to collapse. The economy has for the last 3 years (2008 financial crisis) been held together with a string of lies, concealing the social situation and harsh economic reality of many countries, the United States to begin with. The day the masks come off in this country – and they can’t stay on much longer – the other intertwined economies will fall like dominoes. A singular major natural catastrophe in a densely populated zone of the USA would be enough to send insurance companies and the whole banking system into bankruptcy, followed shortly by the rest of the planet. This would be a possible detonator, there are other ones.

A dramatic breakdown of the systems will cause major troubles in some parts of the world, making it – to say the least – really difficult to remain calm and serene. It is also possible that Earth will show some intense manifestations (this has already started). Radioactivity events may keep increasing (this is happening right now), and certain unusual astronomical events may even join the dance. And finally, it is not impossible in this chaotic context to see our neighbours from outer space make a definite appearance, their arrival being intensely prepared as has been officially revealed recently. What a picture! We can only just imagine… In this maelstrom of new data, the kind to severely undermine established beliefs, we will need to keep serene and well grounded.

How? By releasing the mind. It is time we stopped spinning our wheels through all our fears and desperate attempts at control. We now have to turn towards our intuition: this inner voice which is the voice of Spirit, the Authentic Self that never lies and remains the only flame chaos cannot blow out. Despite what our ‘reasonable’ mind might dictate and as irrational the choices inspired by our intuition may appear, we should act on them, for our intuition is right. The mind will be of no recourse with what is happening now. It can only proceed within the scope of the old matrix and is not able to create anything new; it is going to cling to what it knows with all the energy of someone who is afraid to die. What is new always comes from inspiration, from our intuition that brings it to our awareness. We are at present dealing with something that is entirely new: for the first time on earth in a very long time we are recovering our freedom. And clothed in the garment of the Authentic Self, we will rise above chaos and wholeheartedly embody who we are.


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – June 6th, 2011 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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