Awakening to the Self (1)

From deprogramming to liberation – a set of instructions. 

By The Passer (Le Passeur).

The age you live in is unique and truly extraordinary. Insanity has taken hold of the world and you feel powerless to prevent the course of its destruction, and yet at the same time you find yourself on the threshold of an amazing new world in which you will discover you have full power of creation. What a paradox ! It is the delicate transition period between the end of one world and the birth of another where the rules of the past now cease to apply, having lost all grip and substance.

In this drama where all dimensions collide the difficulties lie in understanding what is happening, the right stand to take and what conscious choice to make.

In short, let’s start here, you were not born a mere slave in the society of man, you are a divine being…  Hearing this will probably trigger some deep seated resistance and will lead you to reject this fact and dump it in the waste basket with all the other mad ravings of our times.  However, if you take a few steps to hear what I am about to share, you might envisage its possibility as well as its extraordinary potential.

Becoming aware

As an experiment; try for a few moments to forget your beliefs and put aside all your certainties. Let yourself enter the openness of a mind without bias. In this receptive state, be serene and bring to your attention the idea that all that you are, the imprint it leaves on your environment is in reality the result of your programming to believe what you were taught since birth.

Today you are an adult. And with each breath you are grappling with the triad “perception-feeling-thought”. Everything  starts and keeps reoccurring for you as a result of how you view the world, and then through the filter of your emotions as a result of all that you show and express: your thoughts, your words, your attitudes and your actions. The way you look at things will always determine the feelings that will in turn give birth to your thoughts and emotions.

Emotion in this master process is in reality the first energy that you express. And it has considerable power.

Right from the onset of your life, the experience of your consciousness merging with the foetus in your mother’s womb was to set the first stroke of colour on the blank canvas of your incarnation. It was the beginning of a work that got richer every second and never ceased to deeply colour your perception. As a baby with the purity of the new born, you were led to see and welcome everything without judgement, but as the years went by, imagine how many filters have been screening your view of the world today.

Fear was the first feeling you experienced. It might have crept in very early on, maybe right from the moment you were born, depending on whether you were welcomed in a soft or violent manner, or much later. However that may be, it is through your environment and from a very early age that you got infected with fear and all its different facets.  It is upon this unstable pillar, holding future fragilities, that you started building your personality, your I, your ego.

This ego, whether approached from a psychoanalytical, spiritual, or philosophical point of view, is your mind-made false self. It is by nature egocentric and keeps devising all sorts of defence mechanisms, forever thickening the smoke screen that keeps you separate from your true being. The mind is its favourite tool, fear is its engine.

If you take an honest look at all the mechanisms in your personal life that lack harmony, or the painful situations that you encounter, you will see that among the feelings they generate fear is never far behind, and that it has in fact never left you. It has just kept changing shapes to create further disharmony within you. Fear hides behind many guises; among the most common ones is lack of self-confidence, especially in the feminine within our male-dominated world. Others are aggressiveness, victimisation, despair, and an attraction towards isolation.

I invite you to realize that fear is not a natural feeling. It has been instilled in you, for everyone has been exposed to it by an imperfect humanity whose components were set up under the same programming. Thus everyone takes part in feeding it, allowing it to spread and become stronger.  Humankind has made fear the very basis of its action-reaction model. It is not inescapable. It is a belief that has taken hold and keeps its substance precisely because of your believing in its being an inevitable component of human life.

This circle can be broken, for good.

– To become aware that we are not our ego is the first necessary stage of the healing process.

We all have chosen to incarnate in the material world, and to go through this experience the ego is indispensable. It is very much like a Swiss knife always ready to draw the right tool to meet its needs. But remember that its utilitarian attribute must precisely keep it at the level of a tool.  A tool as respectable as your own hand, still it is nothing else but a tool.

You don’t have to identify yourself with your hand because you are well aware that it is not you, but only a part of you, and certainly not the part that decides who you are. It is the same with your ego. Yet you let it hold the reins of your existence, having forgotten that your being extends far beyond your personality which you believe is the whole of you. This will be further developed in another article.

– It is important to understand that every manifestations of the ego (anger, jealousy, victimization, self-withdrawal, etc.) have their origin in fear.  Fear is born from deep wounds and leaves many emotional scars; the good news is wounds can heal.

What fears are we referring to? Let’s take an example. A childhood of submission to violence, which is unfortunately not rare, will have a great impact on the adult who will see his path beset by a lack of self-confidence, feelings of guilt, and a recurrent lack of self-respect. This will manifest in his daily life through a wide range of possible attitudes and behaviours.

Let’s talk about two of the most usual ones: a tendency towards self-destruction, ranging from repeated exposure to harmful situations – guilt is often the culprit – to suicide attempts. Or, another facet is extreme kindness displayed and bestowed in all circumstances without discernment – in this case it is a way to compensate for the lack of love: “if I am good and kind I will be loved and deemed worthy of love”.

– To recognize that the only part of us hurt by these wounds was our ego, keeping its emotional baggage heavy and full. To remember that we are not our ego, just as we are not our hand.

It is essential to understand that your programming since birth has led you toalways identify yourself with your ego. This teaching is so ingrained that you find it hard to imagine that a part of you may exist beyond what you perceive as the outlines of your personality, and so you tend to think that your body contains your personality.

OK, just try for a minute to locate your personality in your body. Where is it ? Where does this ego hide ? In your brain, heart, tummy, toes ? When it is wounded, where does it hurt ? Don’t you see how absurd it is to give it any kind of physical boundaries ? Unless you locate it everywhere inside you ? Or some other place ? Or both at once…?  Something here is starting to stir and sound different. But it doesn’t fit the way you’ve identified your self with your ego.

Letting go

Let’s sum up. You are not your ego, but it is a part of you, a part that shouldn’t be the one to decide who and what you are. Limited by design, it has built itself your whole life long upon its own wounds. The only thing it knows is how to act and react according to the fears brought on by its wounds. To this end it has devised a whole set of defence mechanisms, resorting even to preventive attack, which are all weapons that in turn hurt other egos, bringing about new fears and new defence mechanisms…

You will then notice how this principle applies to both the human collective and the individual.

Finally, in order to find some illusory sense of security amidst all this emotional chaos, the ego seeks the only thing it believes will keep fear at bay: control.

It is the reason why you always try to control all the areas of your existence, very rarely putting yourself willingly in a situation where you may lose command.

These illusory quests for control seldom benefit the common good and create conflicts between individuals and between nations. Through them people turn into victims and abusers who at every level of their evolution will keep on swapping roles as long as they haven’t understood and transcended the experiences that led them to act that way.

In order to break this circle which typifies the cycle of all your successive incarnations, there is a simple way and it always opens up at the right time: letting go.

The right time doesn’t mean you passively wait for it. In fact it often happens spontaneously when we start becoming aware of the true nature of the ego. Start walking and the road will rise to meet you. As the saying goes: Heaven helps those who help themselves”.

Letting go is to recognize that the ego is not our master. It is the idea that something within us is superior to our personality and that it has a higher vision of what is right and good for us. It means to break free from the constant chain of actions-reactions and to accept the guidance from a higher self which unlike the ego has no limiting emotional blinkers.

Chinese people in the past sometimes flew kites that were decorated with the picture of an eye. Imagine that your ego holds the kite and that the eye is your awareness. This image illustrates how a higher vantage point is required to be able to discern what arises from the ego, the illusions it creates and those it is subjected to. Whenever you are unsure of yourself, put your awareness inside the eye of the kite and observe your actions.

The process of letting go for us currently living in an industrialized country first starts with extricating ourselves from the continuous flow of stress inherent to modern life. This can be done in stages or abruptly according to your choices and circumstances. In the end it is a matter of preventing stress to anchor itself upon your vulnerabilities.

Do not roll your eyes my brother, my sister; you have already come such a long way. What you at first believe to be unachievable will happen without your realizing how. At that point, the smoke screen concealing who you really are will be much thinner.

To empty out our emotional baggage filled with the wounds of the ego is another essential step to the process of letting go.

In view of the way you are still judging yourself and your life, you may think this process a huge task, but you’re wrong. In reality it has never been as quick and easy as now. Once upon a time psychoanalysis was a lifelong project and yielded only doubtful results, but today sees an ever increasing number of people waking up to their true selves and lighting up the way for everyone who follow in their steps.

We are thus living an extraordinary period of our history which sees an ever increasing number of people going through the transformational process of self-realization. Never before have you had such a wide range of new healing therapies and facilitators at your disposal to help you address the deep wounds that may be too hard to heal by yourself. These new healing techniques can be amazingly efficient to deal with clearing our emotional baggage. Use your faith as well as your discernment to guide you towards the right ones for you.

However, remember to be vigilant; there is a high risk of losing your way if you keep looking outside yourself for answers that are within you. It is part of the social programming and the feeling of separation to always reach for something outside ourselves.

Help from others can be very beneficial if you choose these “others” with discernment, for instance if you have been going round in circles with a personal issue for a long time without finding any solution. But the help they will bring to you is only a catalyst; ultimately the only one able to save you is yourself.

It would be a mistake to blindly run to all the workshops and therapists that are nowadays widely available. First go within and consider introspection a prerequisite. Be honest with yourself and be quick to detect in every situation the tricks of the ego.

Viewed from a higher and broader perspective, you are shaking your luminous being, getting rid of all the layers of dust that dim its light.

It is time you dropped the costumes and left the old theatre set behind, for you have been acting on that stage so long that you have come to identify yourself with your roles.


Awakening to the Self Part 2

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