Awakening to the Self (2)

From deprogramming to liberation – a set of instructions.

By The Passer. (Le Passeur).


– Healing is to follow the path of vacuity.

First try and be aware of the incessant noise in your mind. When do you actually stop thinking ? Go on, tell me. So we agree, not often. But when it happens – and for a lot of people it never happens- you will notice that it is always when you are fully in the present moment. Here is the key: to be in the present moment.

If you are not aware of the absurd chatter always going on in your mind, take some time to observe the contents of your thoughts. You will realize that they always deal with the past or the future. Never the present. It is as if in your mind, the present did not exist although it is the only reality of the world you perceive. Thinking of the past or the future is like projecting energy to a place that does not exist. According to the linear representation of time you have in this dimension, you either think of things that no longer are, or you think of things that have not happened yet and may never happen. But you are never fully in the present moment which is the only real moment your whole self ever perceives.

This is one of the essential keys to liberation. Try as much as possible to be in the present moment throughout your daily life. You will thus learn to calm your mind and tame this wild animal that until now has always done with you as it pleased.

Each one of your thoughts is an out of control energy which, carelessly sent out to the universe, will always attract its exact resonance. Once you become aware of this fact, I let you imagine the amount of pollution a single human being can produce in his lifetime. This is actually something we should all start working on.

A simple exercise to practise being in the present moment is to sit surrounded by nature. Close your eyes and feel the presence of the natural world through all your other senses: the breeze in the trees, its caress on your skin, the sound of birds singing and insects buzzing, the heat of the sun… If there is no nature around you can do it in the city. It is not as nourishing but the practical thing with the present moment is that it is always here and everywhere.  One of its most beautiful attributes is that it will gradually establish within you an all-powerful and lucid silence as well as a state of receptive vacuity which will introduce you to your true home. In this sacred space, self- mastery awaits your return.

– Healing is to get lighter.

Every cell in your body stores the weight of your memories; not only those of your current life, but the ones from past lives and those transmitted by your ancestry as well – what we call cellular memories. Imagine the quantity and the variety of emotions, among them some very heavy ones, you have been accumulating along your journey through incarnation!

Unease, fear and disease are the consequences of disharmonious energy stored inside you. This disharmony will always end up revealing itself through one or several shadow aspects of your personality. It is where your deepest wounds often lie and where you are the most vulnerable.

Once you become aware of the dark places within yourself and recognize the wounds of the ego at their core, you will have untied the knots of the emotional baggage that fuel them. From then on, it is up to you to act as your free will dictates: you can either decide to get lighter and let go of all this baggage or do nothing, it’s your choice. If you choose to pull out of the game and wish to heal, I invite you to follow the path of forgiveness and compassion – towards yourself and towards others.

You will find true healing when you can completely and sincerely forgive the pain endured and the pain inflicted, as well as feel compassion towards the one in the role of persecutor who is only the victim of his own wounds… even when this persecutor was yourself.

Remember that along the journey of your successive lifetimes on Earth, you have in turn been the one with your head on the block and the one holding the axe. It was the same for all of us without exception; we had to fully experience these two polarities of duality and we have so far assumed these roles with our full consent and in respect of the laws of karma.

What are those dark places within you ? They are all the attitudes, behaviours and reactions that give you and others pain, give rise to illnesses and other involutive feelings which take you further away from your divine being.

It is not that hard to look within. For example, ask yourself why you become angry in regards to some situations or discussions. Remember every time it happened and go back to the feeling that caused your anger. What were you feeling ? What word, what situation set off your reaction ? What did it remind you of, what image came to you ?

Keep practising in all circumstances and you will most likely succeed in exhuming the wound hidden behind your reaction. You might not readily recognize it, for it could go back to another life with memories you can’t reach. Trust in life to reveal to you how to deal with this. You have guides in this world and beyond ready to help if only you ask them.

The path to awakening is ruled by the great law of synchronicity which is put into effect every time the being walking this path seeks help. You will always come upon the person, the book or movie that will provide an answer to your earnest questions. And if you are attentive and know how to observe nature you will often see signs that will be helpful to you.

You might then ask: “What should I do once I identify one of the causes of this darkness within ?” Well, nothing complicated: just welcome it.

Let the emotion rise up, do not block it, and welcome it like a part of you that is finally set free. Just love this aspect of yourself that has found it so hard to express its pain. Have some compassion for yourself. You were hurt and were wounded; you only deserve love for this suffering and certainly not contempt, anger nor shame.

Try not to be judgmental. Welcome this emotion that is being released whether in the midst of tears, cries or in an overwhelming silence. Consider it like a child of yours, talk to her, and tell her that it’s over, that she’s free and that nothing will keep feeding the pain in which she was born. If you, in that moment, love this wounded child unconditionally she will at once be healed.

At your own pace, according to your strength and without pressure, you will soon recognize all the children of your suffering and will set them free.

Our experience of duality in this world is coming to an end and it doesn’t really matter if some wounds are left unhealed. Walking the path of self realization is far more important than healing every one of our shadow aspects. Once the heaviest issues are solved, a few remaining old rags won’t prevent you from embracing your divinity. And on that day, what shadow do you think could withstand such light ?


Let’s sum up. You now realize that you were not born enslaved to the will of others, nor to blindly follow their rules. You have started to recognize the mechanisms that programmed you to believe so and you have identified the wounds that arose from this programming. You have healed most of them…. and now, what happens ?

You are now truly able to reconnect with your higher self. You are able to align with your divinity. You are able… to be.

In fact, as this journey unfolds you will at times feel yourself enter a strange world which is a sign of your ongoing reconnection. This doesn’t gush forth all of a sudden like opening a sluice gate, the progression happens in stages which often morph into each other.

Letting go was for you a spectacular stage. It led to new attitudes and behaviours. How many times while going through this stage did you surprise yourself not reacting the same way to situations that previously would have provoked you to fight back ? How many times did you not recognize yourself as you felt particularly zen and wondered about not worrying so much anymore?

Letting go is a highly visible stage in your daily life, it is also quite unsettling for the people around you who struggle with this change in you and don’t know what to expect anymore.

Have no doubt; this stage represents a sharp break from what your old life was made of. It is a good thing inasmuch as you are at last walking towards your true self. And on this path you will come across other beings who live the same awakening and who will spur you on. But it sometimes comes at a price: you may find yourself growing away from people with whom you used to share the same ego consciousness.  Or you might become a catalyst for them and some will follow in your steps, but others will irremediably move away. So be it. Do not force anything, each one walks their own path and you must respect that.

The same applies at the collective level.  Those who are awake are able to observe the current shift that keeps growing between two worlds: the old world bound by the energies that have ruled it so far together with all the people who are clinging to it, and the new one which is not rising from ancient ruins, but manifests its advent through a brand new consciousness. Like a beautiful arborescence, this new consciousness unfurls and grows exponentially as more and more human beings open up to it.

At this stage of your healing process and reconnection to your true self, you have reached a point where you can take possession of old memories that are rising to the surface like bubbles of methane from the bottom of the ocean. Some of these memories played a part in your healing; others simply gave some clues about your past lives, or more useful still, reopened a store of knowledge that is now coming naturally to you.

At the same time, your perception is expanding to what was so far invisible and beyond reach. Certain abilities start to appear, like telepathy (often the first one to manifest) or a healing gift, it could also be inexplicable visions or incursions into other dimensions where you find yourself playing a different role. And more such increased sensitivities.

This is your inheritance. It belongs to you, and when the time comes you’ll know how to use it for the good of all. Do not worry if none of this has manifested in your life yet. We all follow our own path and comparing ourselves to others won’t help and is senseless. It is not by comparing yourself that you’ll measure how far you’ve come or gauge your level in the ascension process.

The temptation to compare can really be misleading and requires great vigilance. Mainly because it feeds another facet of the ego frequently called the spiritual ego: let’s say that when the ego sees itself lose ground in its material element, its powerful survivor instinct will guide it towards new areas of control. It will then easily swing over to the spiritual element since it sees your higher consciousness take this direction, but feels helpless to prevent it.

There is a story going back to the time the first Christian monasteries appeared in the V° century in Thebaid. The monks there were so very fond of self-denying practices and ways to do penance that they developed an unfortunate habit:  to show off their self-restraint they always took pains to eat less than the person sitting next to them at the refectory. As a result wearing a hood became mandatory to prevent the monks from seeing their neighbour’s face and judge their appetite.

So many ‘enlightened’ people today have fallen in this ego trap that it is hard to keep count.

The more charismatic ones end up as gurus while those more discreet lose their humility and discernment. Fooled by their newly acquired abilities and unable to put themselves into question, they drag even more vulnerable people in their wake.

Humility indeed is a powerful light in the darkness. More than that, it is a Sun which sees the lesser one in this world shine tall and bright in the other.

When everything seems to get complicated and discernment is lacking, when doubts keep rising and the thirst for control once again dries up the palate, humility gently leads us to the altar of surrender, the supreme threshold that delivers our inner being to its full radiance.

Surrender is the nape offered bare to the divine within. It is ultimate faith, and it is filled with a deep and serene joy.


A long time ago, someone said that many would be called but that few would be chosen. What a motley collection of traps we have collectively devised for ourselves! But this shouldn’t be a cause for worry. Whatever our pace, everyone will sooner or later walk towards their divine being. Rest assured, no one will ever be left stranded on the side of the road.

Do not forget, my brother, my sister that we are all happy and slightly crazy nomads who a very long time ago decided to come and play on this great theatre stage called Earth. The successive costumes and sets we chose for each lifetime were all conceived to help with a new experience and our desire to anchor deep within matter the light of consciousness. Now that the show is coming to an end and the time of the curtain fall is upon us, we are going to create something beautiful out of all we’ve learned here on our beloved planet Earth better known at the heart of the Universe by her true name: Urantia Gaïa.

Shall I tell you my brother, my sister about the amazing thing we’ve done and which we can be so proud of ? We accepted long ago to leave our etheric worlds to gradually descend into physical matter. Not only did we incarnate and took on human form, but we agreed to do this in complete amnesia of who we were. This resulted in us being easily manipulated and everything was done to further disconnect us from our divine essence. Our feeling of separation grew so absolute that we ended up enslaved by our ignorance and credulity.

Out of this heavy darkness we had to imagine that a better world existed and that we had the capacity to evolve. Do you know my brother, my sister how many lifetimes and how much suffering of the ego it took for this to happen ?

But as we lay bound in chains in total darkness and gasping for air, we recognized deep within our being the indestructible flame that had never left us. And with every cell in our body longing for the embrace of our inner light, we started our journey back towards its magnificent radiance.

With the immense power of freedom it kindled in us, we rose back to the surface breaking our chains one by one to transcend every limitation imposed on us.

In other realms that are also our inheritance and all along this great journey, a multitude of luminous beings have helped us with the strength of their infinite love, rejoicing and amazed at every single step we strove to take towards them, towards ourselves.

Do not believe my brother, my sister those who say we have missed the train and awakened too late. It is true we could have done better and the story might have ended differently. Just remember that at the level of the great cosmic clock everything happens at the right time. We set out on this adventure against such incredible odds: oblivious to our true identity, trapped in a non-unified dimension and separated from the cosmos, our chances really didn’t amount to much…

So rejoice my brother, my sister! Serene and without conceit, feel rightfully proud of the journey accomplished. You are on the threshold. You are awakening to your true self, the being of light that you always were; a divine being glowing with the unique heritage of Urantia Gaia. Reunited with your Self you are walking heart to heart on the path to ascension.

At the dawn of this new world unfolding you are discovering your power as a creator. May you know from now on and forever the joy of creating in full consciousness and the transcended love of the divine within.


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – May 11th, 2011 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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