Through the eye of the needle

By The Passer. (Le Passeur)

We are getting very close to a marker that has been signalled for so long we had lost the hope to ever see it appear on the horizon. But here we are. We have reached the exact energy point where we now have to put into practice all the teachings that have marked out the journey of the awakening human. There is no justification for anxiety; it is a moment we have all been getting ready for over many lifetimes and everyone is exactly where he/she should be, both in their outer and inner worlds. All is right and appropriate. Only the mind tries in vain to cling to control, spurring itself on with doubts and fears.  Now, more than ever, it is necessary to recognise how the mind works and on occasion douse it in cold water to temper its zeal.

I do not know the chronology of events, but in reality the time on the clock is irrelevant. Only our connection to the Supreme Being Within can shine a light in the apparent darkness. The shake-up in the external and internal circuits of the Earth, the upheaval in our collective lives and individual feelings is only the necessary stage to the reset I talked about in “The voice beyond chaos”.  It is important – and not just for us – to keep our balance and serene verticality in the zones humankind is going to go through. Bargaining with ourselves about what is acceptable or not will not do. Only faith in our authentic self, expressed through surrender, holds the full measure of this verticality. This is where we find the axis of our connection to heaven and earth, the source of our true power. We must let go of the control levers, all of them, release all our doubts, and be particularly careful never to let ourselves be drawn into the spiral of the collective fears and incomprehension that will inevitably occur. Too many people have deliberately chosen to remain ignorant for things to turn out any other way. A large number, however, will be thrust in front of a new light that will be easier for them to embrace if they can rely on the guidance of serene people around.

Now is the time to say to ourselves: “OK, here I go…” The time for whingeing, for feeling a victim, looking for a helping hand or a protective wing is over. The game the ego has been playing for so long is over. We are powerful beings! We can create something entirely new, break down the old patterns and bring light to the darkness with the sheer power of our intention and mastering of our emotions. In any case it will happen, whether we actively play a part in the process or not.  So it is best to engage in it to the full extent of our capacities. Remember that giving away our power to others means they always have power over us. Submission is the reason for this; fear the lever that controls it. Imagine how often this lever is being used, and those who are afraid to lose the game are going to use it more and more. Will you let yourself be caught in the spiral? Only you can decide.

I am convinced those who doubt themselves will naturally find the right position to take. The ultimate key to this, the one which breaks open the last lock of our resistance is surrender to the faith of something superior within us. Screaming egos, and more generally those who won’t lift the rug to keep the house clean will suffer, for humility is the only passage that leads to this door. Never mind if I repeat myself, but I can only reiterate – hoping it will help in moments of doubts – what I already wrote in Awakening to the Self:

“Humility indeed is a powerful light in the darkness. More than that, it is a Sun which sees the lesser one in this world shine tall and bright in the other.

When everything seems to get complicated and discernment is lacking, when doubts keep rising and the thirst for control once again dries up the palate, humility gently leads us to the altar of surrender, the supreme threshold that delivers our inner being to its full radiance.

Surrender is the nape offered bare to the divine within. It is ultimate faith, and it is filled with a deep and serene joy.”

On the path to surrender, just before a new dawn lifts all the veils, there will come a moment when the whole structure of our former beliefs will crumble and cease to exist. It is the only time we will be left alone face to face with ourselves. It will represent the death of the past and the birth of the being of light within. This is an experience that each soul will have to go through. I used the word “reset” in the article mentioned above, which is only a modern term to demystify the intensity of this ‘crossing’ that in other times, 2000 years ago, a being to whom we owe a lot and whose message shouldn’t have been locked into religious dogma, embodied on the cross. This is what resurrection means: the rising of the awakened soul into the light of the Authentic Self. Only emotion can convey the sublime mystery prevailing in all this. I would have great difficulty deciphering both the symbolic and embodied alchemy leading to this ultimate transmutation. All I can say is that we are at the end of our Stations of the Cross and all that remains is for us to live the sacred moment when we ‘die to ourselves’ for All That We Are to be reborn instantly. Whatever the shape of this transmutation, the galactic butterflies that will emerge from their chrysalis will be free and in unity with one another. Never again will they encounter separation on their path; never again will they feel like lonely caterpillars trying to survive amidst predators in a hostile world. These times are over and our turn has now come to pass on all that we’ve learned.

It came to me yesterday while in the peaceful company of people dear to me that we, humans, who have been the symbol of separation for so long, are going to become here on Gaia the symbol of harmonisation between all the living realms. Not only will we in due course recover and integrate our multidimensionality, but to quote a friend of mine: “we’re going to “polish the angles.” The great jigsaw puzzle will come together because we’ll illuminate the space between the pieces and enable them to connect in harmony.

Maybe some species that didn’t cohabit before will reveal themselves under our patronage. I think we are not far from living a fairy tale; it is our believing in what was formerly dismissed as myths and legends that is going to hurry things or not.  Life forms that so far were little visible in our spheres are undeniably getting closer to us. More and more among us have seen it first hand and it is the ultimate sign of something fundamental happening within humankind. Below the surface of appearances, signs are bringing the promise of amazingly beautiful horizons.

Everything is coming together; doors are opening and those who have been courageous enough to empty their cup will cross them easily. The others will still have to shape up a bit, for we can only enter this kingdom naked and with a light heart, our arms open like an empty cup ready to fill up with the promises of heaven. The eye of the needle is thin, for only the clean thread of life can go through. Anything that clings to this thread and weighs it down must be left behind so that we can reach its light, the blessed moment when the soul gives itself wholly to the divine within. There is no place for bargaining in this space. There is only faith in the benevolence of our power. Only through this power can we humbly bow to something even greater, that is all Love, and to which we have no other desire but to surrender ourselves.


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – August 25th, 2011 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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