The great return of the stellar beings

The great return of the stellar beings

By The Passer. (Le Passeur)

Hardly a day goes by without UFOs being observed somewhere on the planet. Numerous pictures are relayed to us on the Net by witnesses as well as by TV channels from around the world. Even in France, where until now the topic was non-existent, except as an ongoing joke, do we start to see articles about this phenomenon in the traditional press, as illustrated by the daily paper “Le Parisien” which recently devoted a front page to the subject. UFOs are showing themselves more and more and at last their presence is being increasingly covered by the media. There are good reasons for this.

If we need to go back to after the 2nd world war to fully grasp the ebb and flow of the UFO phenomenon, it is not really a modern fact as traces of extraterrestrial presence have been found since the dawn of time. Not every UFO comes from Earth; a few are built for military purposes and are definitely man-made but a great number aren’t. One can say that until the 2nd world war, they all came from somewhere else. We can see traces of beings coming from the stars in several recent human civilisations (under 6000 years old) as depicted through their writing, oral traditions and arts. This is why I prefer the term “stellar beings” to the word “extraterrestrials” which has been given a rather negative connotation by the Hollywood film industry. These beings are at the source of a great amount of knowledge that has benefited mankind for a long time, and they have on many occasions greatly influenced the human adventure.


The story of the Earth is not the restrictive tale presented by science as “truth”. Science itself already has extensive proof of the huge errors and sometimes falsifications that are still being taught today. But egos being what they are and some very powerful interests being at stake, the evidence lies hidden at the bottom of forgotten drawers, a great part of which pertains to archaeology. To my knowledge, one of these discoveries (in a coal mine in South Africa) reveals the most ancient traces of life ever brought to light: 3 billion years! This is nowhere close to the ‘official’ evolutionary timeline referred to by science today. Any of these discoveries that have filtered through would deserve a whole article devoted to the topic, but we shall not go into it as our focus here is on the presence of stellar beings amongst us.

As we have seen in other articles on this website (this one among others), the Earth was once a magnificent sanctuary which harboured an amazing wealth of living species. Our planet has already known several Golden Ages through several ancient civilisations far more technologically and spiritually advanced than our current one. These highly spiritual civilisations lived within a unified matrix which ensured openness towards other evolved peoples from the cosmos.  Over this long period of history, Earth saw the arrival of beings whose spiritual evolution was not in harmony with their technological evolution. This presence was allowed by the higher planes of light, for it was part of a new experience to let duality progressively establish itself within the law of free will. From there, humankind at the time gradually moved away from the Source. The experience saw all humanity grow ever further from the Original Light and erase all awareness and memory of its origins. The beings of little spiritual elevation who implanted themselves on the earth plane had plenty of time to thoroughly redefine the life, death and reincarnation matrix through which humans have repeatedly lost their way. We might as well say it; the experience went far beyond what anyone would have thought at the start. It has taken considerable effort and a very long time to progressively move back toward the original light that lives in us and is our true essence.

Meanwhile the wars of the ego were in full swing and the evolved stellar beings respecting the law of free will gradually withdrew from the scene. The time of the long dark night of Man had come. There even were battles between different species of low spiritual evolution yet with advanced technology whose aim was to get access to the riches of the Earth. Human DNA underwent genetic manipulations with a view to accommodate the interests of the ones dominating the planet at the time. The ruling stellar races during this period were of reptilian origins and they were not all in consensus among themselves. Some considered humans like cattle, others more progressive gave them the genetic means to reach one day beyond the pre-human stage. What we should realize is that contrary to the widely spread opinion, not all reptilians are harmful to humans and that there is a part of them concealed into our genetic heritage.

This reptilian presence has had a great impact on the history of the Earth. It would take I believe more than a lifetime to recount all the stories of people who have seen or have been abducted by them, not to mention the majority of witnesses who have never dared talked about it.

What we must understand is that there exists more than one kind of stellar being. The reptilian origin is one facet of their presence, the one I talk about most but which, unfortunately, is also the one that generates the most fear. All the more so since the 2nd world war and most precisely since the Roswell crash in 1947, the American military has recovered technology, bodies and even at least one living creature that they have used to enter into an agreement with poorly evolved beings, although they did have the choice to do so with another race more spiritually advanced. The day this story is officially recognized, and Roswell has been acknowledged by the FBI after decades of lies, the American people and the rest of the world will learn that the Pentagon sells mining riches, animals and human beings in view of genetic experimentations in exchange for technologies that do not benefit humankind, but only a category of people who were already publicly criticising President Eisenhower at the time.

What these individuals will have to deal with in order to balance their karma is not for anyone to judge. We’ll have to stay out of this and concentrate foremost on bringing on the new world we carry within us. All the more so as the time for the stellar beings to be back among us is now very near. The fact that we see more and more spaceships in the sky today and that we officially hear about it means that the long awaited moment of the disclosure is fast approaching. Among the people who through their position know about this stellar presence among us, there are some, including within governments, who for years have been working to bring this truth to light.

This will cause a major upheaval, not only because many still live inside a bubble where none of this exists, but also because from this disclosure will emerge great secrets pertaining to the true history of mankind. They will reveal how humans were used and deprived of their power, the abominable rites they endured for thousands of years and more generally the magnitude of the manipulation they were subjected to. Again, it is not up to us to pass judgement. We’ll have to remember that, a very long time ago, we did agree to this experience and that over our many lifetimes we were in turn victims and persecutors. From all this will rise a new light which radiance all future seekers will follow.

Life’s great story within the universe answers to the law of unconditional love. The peoples of the universe help each other according to this law not only because it is just, but because it is the way back to the Source of everything. This is not an ethereal concept that we look upon like the remote icon of an inaccessible deity, but the sap that flows in each one of us and that we rightfully embody once we transcend our ego. I cannot emphasize this enough: our first priority is to deal with our ego. Many articles in this section A new awakening show how to conquer it.

We are coming to the end of a cycle, to the point where we are returning to unity. It will be the end of the feeling of separation and the time our brothers and sisters from outer space, together with others living closer to the Earth plane, will start with restraint to show themselves. We will also re-engage with numerous situations we had for eons dismissed as myths and legends. There again we will have to use our discernment, we still have free will and the way we choose to steer our lives will always be our responsibility. They might not eventually be able to do so anymore, but I believe the puppeteers of the world will want to create havoc and we may see some spaceships of terrestrial origin bring confusion by simulating an aggression. It is also possible that some stellar beings of little spirituality present themselves and try one last time to take advantage of the turmoil. But we will also see the return of our brothers and sisters who are allies in our evolution journey, and I know we will have no problem recognizing them.

For once I will share a personal account as it may be of interest in this situation. I’ve had in my life several out of body travel experiences where I met with some of these species in their worlds. What you feel in this environment is inexpressible. It is a unique feeling of unconditional love that permeates every cell of your being and brings you into an indescribable state of bliss. Looks and appearances aren’t important. You can trust a being who intentionally expresses such a feeling. Others less advanced on their path are simply unable to convey this love, for it is not compatible with their vibrations.

Coming back to the topic of appearances that we may not be accustomed to, our friends will take some necessary precautions. But let’s keep in mind that the animal kingdom is also full of extraordinary appearances compared to ours. Where is the difference? You love your dog or your cat and they love you in return. Try to see them like beings that come from somewhere else and compare their appearance to yours… You see it’s not that difficult to accept and love different life forms to ours. Beyond shape and form, it is love and goodwill that connect us together.

Life is swarming throughout the galaxies, the universe and the multiverse. The forms it takes are more or less solid, sometimes gaseous, geometrical or luminous. Life is limitless in its variety, but most of the time it remains invisible to the vibration we carry. I believe that to make contact smoother, our friends will endeavour -whenever possible- to present themselves under appearances more easily acceptable. The humanoid form is, as a matter of fact, quite common in these parts of the universe and let’s not forget that our genes are mingled with those of several other stellar species. Many among you who are reading these lines have lived in different forms than the human form you have today, your origins often coming from beyond the Earth.

Trust all that happens, even though some events might be quite destabilizing or seem for a while to be taking a bad turn. You are at the forefront of an event you have been waiting for so long that you find it hard to believe it will happen at last. It has taken you lifetimes to bring about this great shift. Gaia will return to be the gem she once was, glowing like each one of you with the halo of a new signature in her aura. This will destine our planet for great honours and will turn it into a sanctuary where many will come to draw on invaluable knowledge.  Joy and peace, deep and regenerative, will colour all the living realms that it will harbour. Some among us will choose to stay, others won’t. But we will forever keep an indestructible bond with Gaia. Such an adventure cannot be forgotten.


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – August 12th, 2011 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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