The fruit of our lineage

By The Passer. (Le Passeur)

The most beautiful fruit borne by the influence of the new cosmic cycle is humankind’s rising consciousness. Even though this process of awakening concerns all of us without exception, it is by no means experienced, nor nurtured the same way by everyone. It totally depends on the state of our being which is shaped by all the experiences we have integrated, or not, over the course of our lifetime and other numerous incarnations within the earth cycle that is now coming to an end. No matter the spiritual awareness we display, no matter the nature of our beliefs, our job, interests or ‘intelligence’ in the restrictive sense of those who merely conceive of it as a ridiculous measure of our intellectual quotient, what is truly revealing is how we live our lives. Are we clear in our dealing with others? Honest with ourselves? Forthright in our demeanour and sincere in our relationships? Are we aware of the consequences of what our words and actions manifest? Such are the characteristics of a human being who over the course of his incarnations has evolved and by the law of resonance should find the transition through the big shift rather smooth. 

To go a step further, are we aware of the influential nature of our thoughts and emotions? Have we learned to control them? Does what we express come from our heart or from the need to compensate what we lacked in the past? In other words, have we healed our deepest wounds? Have we one day thoroughly confronted them? It is not what we say, but the quality of our presence and example that will help those ready to climb the last step to full autonomy. The passage will occur naturally, not because there is a divine judgement as so many religions have lied about, but because what we carry within ourselves enables us to take in and integrate more light than ever before.

To make it simple, let’s call ‘Light’ the new energy which we are entering into. We have up to now been living with a small 3 watt bulb and for a few years the intensity of the light has progressively increased to reach the current 30 watts. It has been a kind of gentle approach to give us time to get accustomed to the growing light and to expand our vision of the cave. Some prepared themselves by becoming aware of the shift and by raising their gaze so that the growing light could help them see further. They were thus able to perceive what they couldn’t see before. But a great many others have kept their eyes firmly on the ground, caught up in the routines of daily living they either enjoy or endure without being able to detect the signs of a salutary change.

We are about to take a luminous leap and it is toward a sun that our gaze will turn. Whether we want it or not, the vibrational frequency of our planet having risen, the new light will bathe the Earth to showcase a most magnificent new setting for us to enjoy as a gift and live in as privileged guests. We must of course realize that this will not happen by magic. The Earth and all the solar system are now crossing a zone of the cosmos that bathes everything in an ocean of light. As travellers on the ship ‘Urantia-Gaïa’, we reached the bright outskirts of this zone a few years ago and the leap I am referring to will be in the range of the light that flashes out at the end of an eclipse. We are talking nothing less than a whole transmutation. This light will be available to everyone. How much of this prodigious energy each one will be able to absorb will determine their next evolutionary step. Obviously, a great many of those who despite their numerous incarnations have failed to prepare themselves to take in such powerful energy will not be able to withstand it. They will sooner or later go and perfect their experience where their vibration will take them until the day when they find themselves ready to evolve in favour of another cycle.

Meanwhile, those who still want to keep our planet in the dark, together with those driven by greed or indifference, go on recklessly destroying the earth. To inventory all the examples of destruction would take a lifetime. While the media hush up the nuclear contamination coming from Japan and the oil pollution leaking out of the Gulf of Mexico, a multitude of zones stricken with pollution or intensive devastation are simmering everywhere above and under the surface of Gaïa. This has been going on for over a century and the growing level of destruction that became quite systematic these last decades has now reached dangerous proportions. It is important to realize that most people just aren’t interested as long as they can consume enough energy to keep filling up their lives with more and more superfluous things. This is a fact and it has consequences. At the time when a new life energy is replacing the old one, this recklessness and indifference to the laws of harmony prevalent in the evolved worlds will lead humanity to find a new equilibrium. This is by no means a matter of morality and even less a punishment but a readjustment of the energies at play. In this sense we can say that morality is the reflection of the flouted universal law.

There are several ways to re-balance the exchange mechanisms between the different living realms among which our planet as an entity figures prominently. For a start, humans can awaken and change their attitude. It is already happening, but unfortunately not for a majority of people and at too slow a pace for change to happen smoothly before the scheduled big shift. On the other hand, Gaia herself is at the helm and master on board.  In view of the general atmosphere and massive build-up of negative energies accumulated by humankind, the usual safety valves probably will not suffice and Gaia will likely have to readjust the energies in a more drastic manner.

I don’t have a clear idea of what it will entail and I still dare hope that the catastrophic events predicted a long time ago and substantiated repeatedly since will not happen. There is a sense of urgency, but I firmly believe that until the hands on the cosmic clock tick themselves into position, it is not too late for us to alter the course of things. Until the very end timelines can be skipped, individually or collectively. This is why we ought to creatively have faith in this possibility. I encounter too many people in the process of awakening who rejoice each time a new natural disaster strikes seeing in these events a sign of the great upheaval. This is not a responsible attitude. It only strengthens the confusion of the minds that nourish it and the fear of those who discover the situation without a proper understanding of it.

Instead of waiting for the coming major cataclysm by tallying points every day, it is much more constructive to find within ourselves the world of peace and harmony that we wish to see emerge from the light. We should anchor our vision of this world in every moment of our daily life, bringing love and care to everything we focus on. It is not enough to proclaim what we want; we must actively bring it forth and keep nurturing with perseverance our intention. Whatever it is, do everything you do with love and something momentous will happen to you and everyone. It is maybe not too late to soften the collective transition.

The words conveyed by the “New Age” movement have often been misleading and not by accident. There is always talk of ascension which suggests the idea that we are climbing towards something higher, more ethereal. Ascension actually refers to the tuning of a vibratory frequency to a dimension that is itself vibrating at a higher frequency. In fact, what occurs during the process of incarnation is a descent phenomenon. Alongside the other living realms, each lightworker in this world acts as a relay of energy pulled downwards from above. Everyone receives and transmits their own energetic signature which is the fruit of our history and stellar lineage that we come to embody on Earth. It is from ‘on high’ that we bring deep within our cells and within the Earth a part of the light that will illuminate Gaïa’s next cycle and everything she will harbour.

A deep and solid anchoring is taking place and we are the ones who are consciously or often unconsciously bringing it forth. No matter how we imagine it and whatever the way we visualize it, what is important is to concretely manifest it in our daily lives, and to stop waiting for signs and waving around great ideas and beautiful words that only resonate in our imagination and never in our actions.

I have nothing against imagination; on the contrary, I can see more and more what a privileged means of expression and communication it is for the soul. But even imagination can anchor and embody itself in matter. There will come a time when we will be able to perceive everything from the different plans with which we’ll be directly connected. Life is everywhere and like fireworks takes on a multitude of shapes and colours. We are surrounded by multiple dimensions and our multi-dimensionality already gives us access to parts of them. As children’s tales always say: in order to see, you just need to believe…


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – September 5th, 2011 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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