The positioning of our soul families

By The Passer. (Le Passeur)

Many of those who have been going through the awakening process over the last few years or last few months, sincerely working on healing their ego, are experiencing an acceleration of two of the natural laws of harmony: synchronicity and abundance.  They notice how much quicker they find answers to their heartfelt desires and they see synchronistic events multiply in their lives, especially with regard to the people they meet and the way information comes to them. Soul families are getting reunited, this happens more and more every day and the reunions are simple and joyful, without over complication or the need to establish communities. Times have changed, what matters is the connection between souls on the earth plane and the renewing of the physical bond in our incarnation.

A true energetic network is thus being created between people who are spread across the earth. This connectedness is important. Keep in your heart and in your thoughts those you meet again as though you’d always known them, for you have come across each other over numerous lifetimes. This maintains a network in our consciousness on subtle planes that is of great significance in what is now unfolding.

It is important to pay close attention to all the signs around us that contribute to inform us personally. The different planes are coming closer together, which means that the dimensions are getting more and more intertwined. This creates small openings to unusual levels of information. Anyone attentive enough can’t help but notice these openings even though they are sometimes quite fleeting. In the coming months it is very likely that they’ll become more and more obvious to a growing number of people as the access points to the different planes stabilize. These openings reflect the multidimensionality of reality we have often talked about, and the time will come when we realize with astonishment what parallel roles (in the plural) we play on some of these planes.

This is obviously a perception that will shock those who don’t have the slightest notion of what this means and are not familiar with the idea of other levels of reality. This experience will be quite traumatic for them and will cause a great many people to ‘flip out’. The key word here is reassurance, and the example of someone serene in this new perception of reality will bring comfort to all distraught beings.

These openings give a colour that prefigures the diversified nature of the new world unfolding. To live outside the quarantine imposed on us means to learn how to collectively interact again with different beings and planes of existence. These will blend harmoniously together once we take full responsibility for the energy we are constantly emitting, most specifically in the way of our thoughts and emotions that impact at different levels the other life forms of all the planes linked to ours. The quarantine imposed on our world is a consequence of our lack of awareness of this fact.

From the recklessness of the young and foolish metaphorically kicking everything around, we will acquire a deep awareness of our environment thanks to our heightened perception of it and the acquisition of the fundamental laws governing life in the universe. We will naturally submit to them, for we’ll know them to be both loving and just. It will be the start of a wisdom that has long eluded us.

Meanwhile, the upcoming wave must bring down a world for a new one to be born; it cannot be any other way. As I said in a previous article, nothing will grow from the ashes of the old world. The structures that cannot adapt to what is coming will be erased. What will remain are the structures with the capacity to adapt and evolve. Likewise for human beings, those whose vibration cannot adapt will go. To be clear, their leaving will come from their desire at a soul level to reincarnate in similar conditions as on Earth. They will leave in order to perfect their experience in other worlds of duality or in other unified worlds whose vibration is lower than the one of the new Earth. Anyway, sooner or later, each one of us evolves as we find our way back to Source like salmon in a river. It is life’s great Mystery, may it remain so.

Do not think that among 7 billion human beings, all have made the same choices as you. There is logic in this and there is no need to add pathos to the situation when we start witnessing the passing of people in great numbers. Choices regarding our fate during the shift are made at soul level, and each being chooses what is best for their personal evolution. It is important to remember this. If we feel grief, may it be softened by the knowledge that those in close affinity will see each other again very soon, in a different way and with a new level of consciousness.

As for Gaia, our planet will never be the same as during those long dark ages we have been through, a cycle of time named Kali Yuga in the Hindu cosmogony. The coming of a golden age is a momentous event which we cannot yet fully comprehend. Maybe in some rare heightened moments of awareness do we find the fragrance of an ancient memory, the subtle recollection of times once lived in bliss. This distant fragrance nevertheless has the power to greatly appease our hearts. Imagine what full consciousness will be like in this Eldorado…

The times to come will bring shock waves to those who haven’t awakened yet. Above all, do not buy into the idea spread by religions that this is some kind of divine punishment. What will occur will be the fruit of the law of resonance and nothing else. As our world is reaching its reset threshold all the energies emitted by mankind come back to mankind like a boomerang. What we are today will determine the strength and quality of the energy we will receive. As was mentioned many times over, each human being will go where their vibration carries them and thus all will be right and fair. These shock waves will not only bring fear, they will above all have the capacity to raise our consciousness. That is the effect they will have for many among us who are still undecided. Some beautiful things are taking shape on the horizon of this short period of time when we feel everything swaying and buckling. Open up your arms freely and find your natural balance without fear of falling. You know what is going, you know what is coming, and you know that you are part of the story from start to finish.


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – September, 7th 2012 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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