Impeccability – The Royal Path

By The Passer. (Le Passeur)

We are the centre of a cosmotelluric axis that runs through and fills every one of us. Both transmitter and receiver, we transmute the energy that passes through us and this energy transmutes our physical and subtle bodies. When we centre ourselves and focus on our heart, we align ourselves on this axis and instantly recreate within our being the conditions of harmony thanks to which our powers are restored. Our full potential lies in the harmony between our different bodies. Few people are aware of this fact and among those who are, virtually all of them will see the exercise of this potential limited by their own beliefs.

The time has come when these restrictive beliefs are starting to break down. This brings us to a whole new playground where we must quickly learn to use our discernment in order to know what’s right in the midst of dimensions more and more intertwined. I don’t know if the opening will happen gradually as it has so far, or if it will come more abruptly, but the cosmic clock is ticking and the time of transition towards a new reality fast approaching.  It is therefore important to stay focused on the fundamentals.

The multiplicity of information coming our way with all the ensuing questioning and contradictions can get those who aren’t sure completely lost. Looking outside ourselves for a way to piece our soul memories together is a first step, but to persist in this direction leads to indecision. How can the uncertain find their way in this ever-growing chaos of information and disinformation? Every path we take teaches us something, this is why there are no ‘wrong’ paths as such, still, why look for light in darkness?… The light we seek fills all space and is within us. If we can’t see it, it’s because we are not where our human self would like us to be, but where our soul wishes us to be in order to understand something and regain clarity.

This no man’s land poised between light and darkness is our learning and experimenting field. Rest assured that we are not here against our will; we have made this choice to evolve and to help everyone else evolve too. Every difficulty we overcome in the apparent solitude of our effort is actually a victory for all. Nothing we go through in life, no past suffering born of an illusory sense of injustice, no painful experience we rise above is ever in vain or lost to the greater whole. Everything has been closely examined by all the different aspects of our multidimensional being and by those who with loving kindness accompany us on this journey. Even those whose darker roles contributed in a less benevolent manner to the experience have seen and learned at soul level something essential to their own evolution. Nothing, absolutely nothing is ever useless or meaningless.

For some of you reading these lines, you have passed or are about to pass a stage in the awakening process that present new difficulties. As was described in previous articles, there comes a time when the range of perceptions expands. The most common and least disturbing of these perceptions is telepathy, others such as clairvoyance and clairaudience can be far more unsettling when first experienced. There are two ways to react to this: either you accept or reject it.

There is a whole range of more or less well inspired attitudes between those who have no understanding of what’s happening and wrongly think they’re losing their mind and those who with no discernment whatsoever take it all in as their new truth. Inspiration is the keyword here. Where do these new perceptions come from, how can we trust them? Who inspires the messages we receive? Everyone has noticed the proliferation of the channelling phenomenon around the world. The names of the channelled entities are ever more prestigious and the tone of the messages emphatic. Very few come from the higher planes and a great number of channels play into the hands of entities from the lower realms. Let’s forget about all the deliberate shams from charlatans tapping into the New Age market and let’s focus on the unconscious deceptions, the most frequent ones.

This is typically the case where upon a widening of our perceptions we fail to use our discernment and throw all caution to the wind. Some have received information through channelling since their childhood or adolescence at an age where we hardly challenge our sense of self. Once in adulthood, the established communication has become so familiar that discernment and caution aren’t deemed necessary. Some others may have seen their perceptions open up very suddenly while going through the awakening process and may easily believe they’ve ‘arrived’. When one thinks to have direct communication with Saint So and So or Master Somebody, the ego is quick to get you very excited… There lies the crux of the matter: How vigilant are you? Where is your discernment? The ego, here again, will leave us no peace as it feeds on these new perturbing experiences to turn the spiritual game to its own advantage. Once this treachery is firmly in place, it will take a lot of personal inner light to overcome and escape from this trap. As I said in “The little book of the ego”, it is one aspect of the human self that tricks us into the toughest snare. Without a good dose of humility we’ll always fall in this trap.

Humility is about holding a vision of self from above our constant engagement with the complexities of life.  It is the understanding born of the higher vision Spirit has of our material world. He who sees the shadow he casts on the earth from high above knows how ephemeral and illusory it is to admire it from the ground. Without humility we throw ourselves into life’s battles for the satisfaction of seeing our shadow take more space on the ground. Our world is restricted to the power we wield within our personal ivory towers. When we know humility we don’t pursue this struggle, for we become aware that our shadow, what we project of ourselves, doesn’t belong to us. It is a fraction of a larger work in which we bring all our love, whatever our task. In the image of Therese de Lisieux, one can find joy doing the most ordinary and seemingly insignificant work with all our heart, a joy invisible to the ego’s eye that only sees in this ‘smallness’ suffering and humiliation.  In the image of this saint, there is greatness far from the spotlights of the world.

Humility is a clear sign that the ego has been put in its proper place. It is the key, the most effective way to remain well-grounded as our perceptions expand and we start ‘receiving’ information through different channels than usual. We see many ‘enlightened’ people in this instance rush right in and in good faith even though they haven’t finished healing their own wounds. Often they haven’t even thought about it. The ego therefore has no qualms about parading in full ‘spiritual’ regalia. It is so easy to feed from the illusory privilege of the ‘chosen one’ even though one is just the plaything of a poor connection.

The expansion of our perceptions is only the effect of becoming more open to the unified field of consciousness in which we all bathe. Circumstances are such – starting with the Earth’s vibratory frequency and ours as well – that they allow for this opening that has so far been gradual to happen. We have within us the natural means to respond to these new circumstances, this is why perceptions for each one of us will include seeing auras, telepathy and the vision of dimensions so far invisible to most. All this will bring in a large amount of information that we’ll need to calmly integrate.

So far these openings have been relatively rare. Not everybody could see them, and those who could were often misled. First of all because the global vibratory level was lower and most incursions into other dimensions still remained fairly close to our plane. This has been known as the lower astral, the favourite playground of  entities not very evolved who have been playing tricks on generations of unsuspecting mediums, and who are still misleading a great many of those who have swapped the title of medium for the name ‘channel’. Even though the global vibratory rate is increasing and connections are becoming less erratic, do not think that what is ‘elsewhere’ is that different from what is here. Cunning, manipulative and even malevolent entities also exist on other planes. Syntonisation of frequencies from different realities than ours is still closely related to the kind of vibration we emit. We should therefore prepare ourselves to become untouchable.

Good channels are rare, there are those who have sincerely worked on healing themselves and who have strived to remain grounded. Among the numerous channels that are popping up everywhere today, how many have seriously worked on their own healing before trying to heal others? One should remain aware that the messages and therapies they offer might not necessarily come from highly luminous planes. It doesn’t mean that some of the teachings they transmit aren’t sound, but they might sometimes subtly or not so subtly mislead the seeker from their own path by bringing them to follow an authority figure.

Things are complex because there is no separation between light and darkness. On our life plane, both aspects live together and tend to unite towards something very new in the universe. As a result, the light sometimes uses the path of darkness to manifest in our lives. These concepts of light and darkness may seem rather over-simplistic, I know, but it is difficult to find more accurate words.

When we wish to progress on our soul journey, it is important to regularly put ourselves in question and to examine with great honesty and always a little humour the aspects of our lives that are stuck, lack clarity and what they might reveal about us. For these aspects draw in everything that may slow down or hinder our ascension process. This is what happens to channels whose communications do not come from highly luminous planes but who are genuinely convinced they do. These people haven’t worked on themselves enough, they don’t have the vigilance necessary for a truthful decoding of who they are and those who drink their words lack discernment. As always, everything is in its proper place between suppliers and recipients, down to the games of power and submission. This is a good path for those who need to understand what they should be working on, but it is not the way for the sincere seekers of truth.

Discernment is an expression of wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge, and above all knowledge of the heart. Thus, discernment is difficult for those who remain caught in the opacity of their egotic limitations, in other words, those who don’t see clearly enough because they too closely identify with ego. But discernment becomes easy when humility is in the driving seat, a sign that ego is back being a necessary tool and not the tyrant we have in our suffering identified ourselves with. In humility our vision expands and humble people are misunderstood by those who still see through the veil of illusion.

The humble naturally reconnect with their essence and see clearly in others. Their discernment is acute, their vigilance serene, their words are just and loving and their vision of humanity with all its shortcomings always compassionate. Many paths lead to knowledge, but in the end humility is the only threshold for us to cross in order to gain Mastery. It is the door to impeccability. Guidance is given to those who cultivate the intention to embody impeccability. Let’s be humble and present, let’s ask the beings of light who accompany us for their help, we will receive it without fail. In this ‘beingness’ we will always recognize truth from illusion. There lies discernment and indecision fades away. For it is in humility that impeccability is born.


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – February, 16th 2012 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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