Beyond illusion : the lifting of the veil

By The Passer. (Le Passeur).

The feeling of separation so prevalent in western culture is a kind of artificial lock which we can learn to break free from. As a result of our conditioning, all our lives we have built ourselves “safety” bubbles with membranes that grew thicker as every misunderstood experience turned into a painful ordeal. The space we allocate for ourselves within those bubbles – in fact the space that is the minimal survival cell of the self – varies according to our capacity to fill and sustain it.

For many, this space is the bare minimum necessary for survival. It is this lack of space in the bubble that makes people quarrelsome and anxious to colonise more space. It is one of the reasons why there is so much aggression and mistrust in cities. People there feel the communal space is limited and must be shared out according to the balance of power in place. Territorial wars are therefore ongoing, and those who fall victim become even more aggressive in an attempt to breathe a little better and recover a lost sense of self.

Of course, all of this is senseless. It is nevertheless what we were taught to create and reinforce since our childhood. It is obvious that in order to advance on the path of love – of ourselves and of others – we have to pierce this bubble and get out of it. It is a real effort, even quite considerable, so entrenched this bubble is in the conception we have of ourselves. We identify with it so much that any non-authorised attempt to get nearer is perceived as an aggression.

Still, we know how to open this bubble to the people close to us; we know how to merge our bubbles if we wish to. And this merging process, like soap bubbles that attract and melt into each other, is called love. It is because we love a friend, a child, a man or a woman, a dog, a cat, a tree, a landscape, that we extend our inner living space to reach theirs. It is therefore something we are able to do when we so choose.

What does this fictitious and yet very significant bubble represent? Quite a salutary question to ask ourselves… It is the artificial but concrete manifestation of our feeling of separation. We take it everywhere with us and it deeply conditions our perceptions and relations with others. To a varying degree depending on culture, it leads us to instinctively feel apprehensive and even sometimes defensive at the stranger approaching. Whereas we could welcome them with a smile and rejoice about sharing a new enriching experience, we instantly put on a protective mask… which really only hides the fear to see our illusory ‘safety’ bubble threatened. As a result we are forever harbouring a latent feeling of mistrust. I mistrust people I don’t know, who might invade my inner living space.

When we feel ‘separate’ from the universe, we feel lonely and small, vulnerable in the midst of a nest full of imaginary predators, who in reality are just as fearful of others as we are. Thus everyone seems to be carrying inside a potential predator. The serpent bites its tail in a circle, not because it has found itself as the original symbol indicates. But rather it is self-devouring because it doesn’t recognize itself. Illusion feeds on illusion.

Most people once in their lives have known these rare moments when the bubble opens up and we merge with all our surrounding. This may happen while sitting on the side of a mountain listening to the wind in the trees, watching a fiery sky at dawn or at dusk, in a concert hall where music fills our soul, in the communion of a fraternal gathering that opens our heart, or during meditation… Whatever the occasion, it is always an unforgettable moment of grace. Go back to this feeling you had when it happened to you. Feel the imprint it has left throughout time, get in touch with who you were in that instant and experience the plenitude that filled you then. These moments are the Truth. These moments are a vision of your true being, the true self you forfeit when, through habit or negligence, you lock yourself back in your bubble.

No one but you can choose to make the daily effort to dissolve what keeps you trapped in the anxiety of separation. This effort involves observing ourselves closely, the way we approach or welcome others.

In this blessed period of our human history, we are all walking towards reunification. Our world is leaving behind separation to embrace unity. What does this mean? It means that because the time has come, our planet – which has a consciousness of its own – has started ascending towards a higher vibrational frequency. As a result, all Mother Earth’s kingdoms and her people are faced with the choice to accept or not to accompany her on this journey of ascension.

Throughout our history the feeling of separation has prevailed because the mould it stemmed from was shaped by the low frequency of our life matrix. Each human being who has raised their vibration through their own inner work has managed to some degree to dissolve this sense of separation. A few exceptional beings – who often dedicated a whole lifetime to this goal – have been able to reach the state of fusion. Today the old matrix is practically dissolved and the new energy lattice that is weaving itself around Earth leaves no room for the feeling of separation or any other kind of involutive feeling that could pollute its space. Everything that is sustained by Mother Earth is therefore making the choice, in full conscience or not, to follow her in this shift or to stay put.

Those who have chosen to follow this ascension momentum at a soul level are heartened to realize that from now on our only limits are our beliefs and habits. It is no longer necessary to dedicate our whole life to spiritual enlightenment just to extricate ourselves from the trap of the matrix. This old matrix is nearly all gone. So everything is actually going much faster and only our attachments can now slow us down. There is no longer the false obligation to consider the need to distribute the communal space. It can remain open to everyone without having to put up any fences. In the new paradigm arising, respect and fraternity between people and nations will occur naturally. Trust will replace suspicion and will in actuality reveal itself fully justified.

I am aware that among those who are awakening to this major mutation, some have real difficulties in believing that our world will change to such an extent. They are still stuck within the old framework of their lives and it is therefore normal for them to feel that way. This is why there is no need to judge and criticize, and no benefit in stirring conflicts or polemics. The only thing to do during this time of transition, which is not always comfortable due to the relentless resistance of the ego, is to move forward listening solely to our intuition and gratefully welcome every good thing we encounter on our path. When this transitory phase rife with mood swings, onslaughts of doubts and feelings of euphoria is over, there is nothing else for us to do, but… Be. This means maintaining the established vibration in which fear, low spirits and all other feelings that drag us down are just a memory of the time we were shut away in our bubble.

In this state of « Being », everything in daily life becomes simple, the joy to be alive is omnipresent and our inner light shines bright. We do not enter into conflicts, for we see the wound expressed by our opponent as clearly as in an open book. Compassion then replaces reaction and it is a healing salve for the one who receives it, even though they may not perceive it that way. Besides, little by little, conflicts do not present themselves anymore because they cease to be part of our reality. The vibration frequency they issued forth is no longer ours, and they move further away from us.

We have created our fields of experimentation according to what we had to understand and heal within ourselves. But we have reached the point where those are being superseded by a brand new experimentation. If we have made the choice to embrace it, the smoothness of our transition from one world to the other will depend on how much sand ballast we will have thrown overboard. The bubble we believe represents our physical and emotional integrity compresses the envelope and prevents the hot air balloon to rise. Love is the warm air that will lift it off.


© The Passer (Le Passeur) – July 26th, 2011 – Translated from French by Caroline – Original French version

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